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Label Source Tagging in commodity/merchandise ----The trend of anti-theft system


As to using soft label, mostly merchants have to reduce the proportion of its using because of the higher cost .In this way, stolen rate ascend, as lots of commodities that should have soft labels originally have not。With the integrative development of international economy ,more and more retail dealers either inland or international have been considering using labeled commodities .They request manufactures to add label guarding against theft to commodity or packaging, on the one hand ,it can save anti-damage department’s manpower cost of merchants’, on the other hand ,neither clients nor employees can distinguish whether the commodity is labeled, in this wise ,people with aleatory mentality will give up the plan of stealing ,so effectively avoid stealing, both inner and outer.

UPP(Universal Product Protection) is a plan that operated by the cooperation of the retailers and products manufacturers, the manufacturer use the against electronic anti-shoplifting tag during the production and packing instead of using the common against electronic anti-shoplifting tag which pasted when displaying in the shops. In this way, the against electronic anti-shoplifting tag not only can be put more convert, not be found and destroyed easier which will decrease the goods loss, not also good for the goods which were not suitable for open-shelf sales, after getting the protection of against electronic anti-shoplifting tag, they can open-shelf, then increase the customers' purchasing desire, and boost the sales amount at high rate, make both the retailers and manufacturers get benefit.
Wide range for the UPP products: many kinds of hardware and software products, including sports products, garments, home appliance, grocery, health care products, footwear, hardware tools, toys, books ,sound-image products and other electronic products.
During the UPP working period, manufacturer and detailer established close partner relationship, goods can be protected from the source. At same time, sales man can save the pasting time, supplying better service to the clients, and decrease much of the products wasting rate which often rising before.
And, the competition in globe retail trade is getting more and more fierce, the against theft problem become very important in every tache of products providing-chain.
sewing tag desingned by some company