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 Acoustic Magnetic System 3001

  • Frequency:58KHZ
  • Working voltage: 220V AC(50Hz)
  • Working environment: -20℃-45℃
  • Dimension:150 * 19 * 51cm
  • Material: inflaming retarding ABS
  • Weight:12-13Kg/pc
  • Color: Ivory
  • Detection Distance:
  • MONO-- 160~180cm for DR label
  • -- 180~200cm for Hard tag
  • DUAL --90*2cm for DR label --100*2cm for Hard tag


  • Ultra Wide Detection Distance
  • Lower Alarming False Rate, Simple Remote Control
  • Employ High-end ABS, Obtain Sleek Modern Shape
  • Automatic adjustment performance
  • Easy to be printed, Enhance your unique brand, Save your promotion cost


  • Independent Power Supply should be used for these products. Noted with your electrical source at first, please.