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2017 EAS Catalog eas catalog


Total Retail Solution RF equipment products


The retailed articles have a complicated supply chain and different operating aspects have different challenges and unique needs. We offered you not only the solutions of EAS, source tagging, intelligent EAS and Rfid but also the solutions of integrated from fire alarm system, CCTV system, access control system and invasion guard system. We can offer you the real integrated guard solutions.

Excellent effect
Electronic article surveillance (EAS)

Prevent the unpaid articles brought outside the shops. At the exits of the shops, the systems can detect the unpaid articles by the tags and labels.

Add the EAS tags or labels when producing and packing the products for better burglarproof effect.

Rfid system offers the storage data from manufacture to distribution and it also offers tracking control. Damage which could happen in any producing step could be detected efficiently.

Access system
It needs the e-card and card reader at the exits for preventing unauthorized persons from entering into important place.
Other uses: monitor the temperature of safe; note the duty hours of workers.

CCTV system
In terms of your needs, we use cameras and digital video system to prevent stealing.
Other uses: monitor and manage in long-distance and observe the serve condition.

Invasion guard system could protect you from illegal invasion and robbery.

Fire alarm system: fire preventing system with portable fire-fighting equipments

Alarm calling center
Whenever called, the center will receive the information and deal with it which will protect your properties and life.