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Improve the management and service of libraries by the latest technologies of DGUARD


All the modern libraries offer readers not only the books and magazines, but also many modern & technical non-printings such as audio-visual product, CD and software. Some library collections are important so that they need a better way to save.
Our products such as plastic safer, Rfid system, RF/EM burglarproof system, CCTV and imports and exports control technologies, could help libraries reduce lost and increase working efficiency of workers. Our products enhanced the management of libraries and help to satisfy the needs of readers.

DGUARD company is committed to the development and production of guard technology for libraries, we offer service to the libraries of public ones, schools, universities, corporations and governments.
We would make a better system in this field by rich experiences and technology with consistently improvement.
The library guard company of DGUARD is established in 2001, many books got the protection here. Meanwhile DGUARD offer RF suppliers of loss prevention products for world famous retailers, include some corporations of the most famous 100 corporations in china, such as BHualian Group, Suguo, Doyen and Times supermarket. DGUARD also offers metal detecting equipments and CCTV systems.

DSR & SCF EM technologies help system increase protect efficiency mostly.
Misreports could be controlled farthest radically by patent total digital inner intermodulation technology.
Low-frequency system has no harm to human body and it satisfied the requirements of environmental protection.
Count everyday reader number with infrared status function.