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MCD-200 metal scanner

USD $480-750

Product Description:
Applying most advanced digital detecting technology in the world, MCD metal detecting gate is for the detection of metal and alloy articles concealed in human body.
It is highly safe, widely applicable and highly sensitive with a wide detecting range and a good anti-interference capability.
It can work intellectually around the clock and give alarm both in sound and light simultaneously. The quality, effect and specifications are up-to-date in the world. The sensitivity of Checkpoint digital metal detecting gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and located. The user can configure the gate according to the size and weight of the article for detection to exclude err alarm for coins, keys, belt buckles etc. It is applicable in the places such as factories, mines, banks, luxuries houses etc., where expensive metal articles may get lost easily; And places such as airport, customhouse, jails, exhibition halls, where dangerous metal articles are prohibited.
1. Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertaining the location of the metal articles according to the layout of the metal articles.
2. Every detecting area is 100 sensitivity. With the range of 0-99, it can be automatically adjusted.
3. Adopting the ultra-large LED/LCD displaying panel, Acoustic-optical alarm simultaneously.
4. The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.
5. Two or more gates can work simultaneously, the most distance be two gates could get 40CM.
6. Calculate the number of passenger flow and the times of alarming automatically.
7. The gate is protected with password, only empowered person are permitted to operate.
8. Need only 20 minutes to install or dismantle, Chinese-Englishoperation instruction with the machine.
9. Using sensitive metal detecting technology is harmless to heartbeat implement in human body, magnetic software, tapes and video recording tapes.
10. It can be used in the factory, prison, court, exhibition hall, stadium, entertainment lieu, etc., where the prohibited articles need to be checked for safety.

(1) Meet a criterion: national standard << GB 15210. General Specification of walk-through metal detector door >>
(2) Detecting process: 100 degrees of sensitivity to meet with requirements in various occasions.
(5) Percent of pass: above 60 meantime/ minute
(6) Electrical source: 220v or 110V AC, 50/60 Hz
(7) Power: <=30W.
(8) Working environment: -20~+ 45degrees, <=95%RH
(9) Overall sizes (mm): 2200 (height) x 800 (width) x 500(depth).
(10) Size of alley (mm): 2000 (height) x 700 (width) x 500 (depth)
(11) Weight: about 92kgs.






Power 9V(6F22)
Operate Frequency 22KHz
Operate Current < 50mA
Operate Voltage 7V-9V
Indicator Visual: Red / Green LED Sound: Speaker or Earphone;(Earphone not included)
Control On/Off Switch; Low sensitivity Switch Sensitivity Adjuster
High Sensitivity 15mm at Pin; 45mm at USD 25 Cent
Low Sensitivity

Detector only respond to bigger metal

objects such as a hand gun, knife, etc.

Export Packing

25 Pieces Per Carton 0.089CBM

N.W 10.3KG ;G.W 16.5KG

Dimension of Unit 41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm
Weight of Unit 409G
Color Black
Attachment for free Holster
Attachment for order Rechargeable battery(option)





MCD-100 Introduction

USD $9-20


The MD-200 hand held metal detector is fit for the security detecting of the airports and bus stations and docks and customs inspections and police security detections and border detections and so on; it is fit for the quality detection of medicines and commercial system; and it's fit for the precious metals detecting and it's fit for the security detection of stadiums and entertainments.


Use circle switches to change sound alarm and hide vibrating alarm respectively. It has a high sensitivity and it can detect ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal. It has simple and convenient use and easy regulation.

When find metal objects it will give a sound (or vibration) and light alarm. Alkaline batteries could work with a 10%15% alarming rate and they could continuously work for 40 hours.

When the voltage of the batteries changed from 9v to 7v, the detecting distance won't change. When the voltage is very low it will alarm continuously automatically.

Detecting distance


Pin: 10mm

64-style pistol: 150mm

6 inch dagger: 150mm

Steel ball with 8mm dia.: 40mm

Non-ferrous metals:

10mm*5mm*0.08mm Al/copper: 10mm

DIP14IC: 5mm

1 g silver ring: 40mm

1g plumbum: 30mm


1. Press the power switch, there is a turn-on sound (or vibration indication). If the green light is on that means the power is on and it can detect. In detecting, hold the detector to detect around the objects. If there are metals the light will change to red automatically and give a sound at the same time (or give a vibration). The sound (or vibration) stops when stop detecting or the green light will be lightened.

2. Press the power switch and there is a indicating sound or vibration. If the green light is off that means the power is off.

3. When the sensitivity has been regulated a little high, there will be a 3~4s sound or vibration that is a normal phenomenon. It could be used after scanning metals with it.

Regulating the sensitivity

1. Regulate its sensitivity when it's not stable because the detecting distance cannot achieve the standards or it alarms for human bodies.

Method: hold the detector and unscrew the screws of batteries covers. And flatly pull the cover back gently.

2. When the power is on, adjust the potentiometer screws on the circuit board in front of the batteries with screwdriver. Adjust it to just give a sound and then counterclockwise turn it half or a whole circle until it stops giving a sound. The sensitivity will be increased if you clockwise adjust it and the sensitivity will be reduced if you counterclockwise adjust it. After the adjusting, move the batteries cover flatly and tighten the screws.