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Detailed Product Description

We, effort Security Inc. Are one of leading low cost DVR manufacturers from china.
We have supplied our DVR to many countries for more than 3 years. So far USA, Canada, Europe and Asia have been our main markets.
Current Models in Sales
- 4CH Basic DVR (HS-400S)
- 4CH Audio DVR (HS-400A)
- 4CH Network DVR (HS-401P)
- 4CH Network 15"LCD Combo DVR (HSI-401P)
New Product
- Triplex MJPEG 4 / 8CH DVR
- Pentaplex MPEG4 4 / 8 / 16CH DVR
Products in development
- H. 264 4 / 16CH DVR


Detailed Product Description

PDVR-8300 is the most advanced MPEG4 stand-alone 8-channel DVR developed for all industrial applications. In addition to its smooth professional design, it is very reliable and cost effective. Most of all, its small recording file size and powerful remote control function with high speed transmission over network will become the standard to which other security systems are judged.
Major features include:
- 240 fps live, 120 fps recording / playback
- PENTAPLEX: simultaneous Live, Recording, Playback, Backup, Network
- Small recording file size using MPEG4 Video and G. 723 audio technology
- Adjustable recording frame rate for each channel
- Video backup directly to AVI format for easy viewing or to MP4 format for image authentication
- Support Authentic Image Player
- High speed network transmission with Full Screen Mode and Each Camera Mode
- Dynamic / Static IP address support, Own Client (NetViewer) / Web Browser (WebViewer) support
- Remote recording, still image capturing and printing via network
- Multiple DVRs and multiple clients support for CMS application
- PTZF camera control by RS-485 and via network
- Independent color adjustment for each camera input and VGA output
- Mouse and IR remote control unit for user interface
- Self-diagnosis system and Hardware Watchdog: error checking and restoring functions
- Powerful event search function (Search by manual, schedule, motion, sensor, network or all)
- Pre-Alarm Recording for motions and sensors ALL-CH recording
- Protect Video / Audio files from HDD Overwrite
- System & Event Log files management
- Configuration data copy to other channels for easy setup
- Configuration file Export / Import for easy installation of multiple DVRs
- CD (or DVD) -Burner, USB and Network for data backup
- Composite video, S-Video and VGA output