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ED004 Consumers Filling machine seized


Detection of magnetic charge eliminate the use of one machine
1. Features: eliminate or restored for the magnetic stripe of the magnetic and testing the effectiveness of magnetic stripe.
2. The main technical parameters:
Operating voltage: AC: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Detection of power consumption: ≤ 10W
Min charge power: ≤ 95W
Xiao-Min power: ≤ 95W
Charge-min, Xiao-min effective height: ≤ 50mm
A high degree of magnetic detection: ≤ 20mm
Alarm forms: sound, lights flash
Dimensions: 336 × 222 × 91 (mm)
Weight: 8.4Kg
3. Usage:
3.1 machine as a whole machine, is divided into two parts, each part of the work independently. Center for the sector to arrow, left for the magnetic detection region, the right to eliminate the regional magnetic charge. Connected region in the magnetic detection

Power after the work has been, and magnetic charge extinction only in the change-over switch region allocated in the corresponding position when working. Glass surface between two white lines for the effective working, the article should be required to operate effective work

For the plane over.
3.2 If only magnetic detection may be necessary and sufficient allocation of extinction in the middle switch position, and then open the power switch. Seized items will be close to the glass along the arrow direction in the effective face over, and the complex magnetic

Goods will be issued for alarm sound, do not report to the police to prove the goods have been consumer-min magnetic strip or magnetic strip has been destroyed.
3.3 libraries or shopping malls need to also need to return, it will be preset to switch the location of necessary and sufficient sensitivity, charge-min lights. Books or merchandise close to the glass along the arrow direction in the face over the effective magnetic

Will be able to restore sensitivity. Detection of the magnetic stripe when the sliding region, the alarm sound will be sounded.
3.4 the need for library or commodity cash register, it will switch to the preset position Min Xiao, Xiao-min lights. Books or merchandise close to the glass along the direction of the arrow in the face with effective over, the sensitivity of magnetic

Will be removed. Detection of the magnetic stripe when the sliding region, the alarm will not sound sounded.
4. Attention:
4.1 the location of one machine should be placed 2 meters away from the outside of the door detection.
4.2 magnetic stripe, mobile phones, watches and other items should be afraid of magnetization away from work to eliminate detection of magnetic filling machine.
4.3 when items need to be close to the glass and along the direction of the arrow over the effective working with, or result from non-net items-min extinction, lack of sufficient sensitivity or not detected.
Consumer rechargeable 4.4 start-up and shut down operations, and sometimes the impact on the detection region so that the local police issued a very short sound, this is a normal phenomenon. This sound normal to the magnetic detection of the alarm sound when there is

Essentially different, will not lead to mixed around.
4.5 as a result of greater local power to carry out necessary and sufficient extinction conversion, please to be in charge Min Min light and the extinction of lights out or in case of power off conditions. Otherwise vulnerable to damage caused to the machine

5. Please read the instructions, by the user, damage to misoperation is not out of warranty.

packing : 1pcs/ctn 0.025CBM/ctn 8.5KG/ctn