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2017 EAS Catalog eas catalog


RF and EM Products of some of the questions -------------Service answers


hard tags and 40*40 cm labels at a distance between antennas of 1m60. sets of boards marked with our OEM brand. The boards may be able to be synchronized with multiple transmitters using fiber optics and or coaxial cable and meet CE and UL approvals.

2. RF system (transmitter / receiver) at variable sweeping frequencies of 1,95, 4,75 & 8,2 MHz with DSP and AGS (automatic gain control) to detect hard tags and 40x40 cm labels at a distance between antennas of 1m60. The system may be made out of Plexi-glass or tubular structure marked with our OEM brand. The systems may be able to be synchronized with multiple transmitters using fibre optics and or coaxial cable and meet CE and UL approvals.

3. RF deactivator with external deactivation pad on pulsed mode (no synchronisation) and ‘bip’ confirmation on deactivating. It may also be used without the deactivation pad with an antenna to install on a scanner.

4. EM system (two gates) to detect 50mm EM labels at 90 cm aisle with possibility to synchronize multiple aisles:

The above excludes the manufacturing of our Bi-TECH (EM&RF) technology.

a. Does the RS007 is a Mono Antenna operating at 8,2 Mhz that can detect paper labels of 40*40 cm ? Or is it a double antenna system (Tx & Rx). If it is a mono antenna system, how does it operate? Is it pulsed or sweeped RF emission? Can many Mono antennas be slaved (synchronized) together, if so up to how many?).
b. On the RS005 what is the maximum operating aisle with in a store environment to detect 40*40mm labels?
c. Can Dragon Guard sell to us ONLY the RF boards & power supplies? We can make the antennas in Europe; there is no sense in transporting from China to Europe heavy and voluminous structures.
d. What would be the pricing for the boards alone: for the RS007 as a Mono Antenna and the RS007 as a two antenna system.
e. How does the RD001 & 002 RF deactivators operate? Are they pulsed or sweeped? Do they detect (bip) and deactivate or they only deactivate. What needs to be done when installing close by several deactivators? To they need to be synchronized via coaxial or fiber optics cable or just by changing the sweep or pulsed frequency?
f. Could you please send me detailed product information for the RS007, RS005, RD001 & RD002 products!

FOR THE EM Systems:

a. What is the maximum aisle width detection for 50 and 63,5 EM harmonic labels (not barkhausen) for the ES003 & ES004 systems.
b. Are the electronics built in the antennas or is it an external box. If it is an external box, what are the dimensions?
c. Can you send me better pictures of these two EM systems as well as detailed specification sheets.
d. Can you synchronize several systems (10, 20, 30 systems for example) in a same store.
e. Do you have shielded EM systems for supermarket checkouts ?
f. Could you send me detailed information on the ED 001, 002 & 003 EM deactivators and reactivators. The information on your web site is insufficient to better understand how these operate. We need a deactivator/reactivator for library use to compete against companies like 3M! What product would fit best.
g. Could you send us via express mail samples of the 6, 8 & 12 cm EM labels you have (both in permanent and deactivatable). Can you supply EM labels on white paper with pre-print information such as a company logo or a false barcode?

Are the prices you quoted in United States dollars? What is the warranty you give on your systems? How does the warranty work? Who pays the freight from Europe to China and from China to Europe on the repair of a defective product? This is very important to know.

The pricing of the EM systems is competitive; however the pricing of the RF systems is the same than in Europe. Is there a mistake on the RF pricing as there is little difference between EM & RF prices which is NOT normal?

What is the maximum length of the cables

from the host computer to antenna?

between antennas, in case if such variant exists?


What is the procedure to adjust the antennas?

Is there any possibility to connect a host computer to PC? What is the interface? It’s better RS 232.

Is there any software for host computers?

Is the equipment sensitive to electrical power supply outbreaks?

Is it necessary to use UPS or power supply stabilizer?

What are the working temperature requirements for the host computers?

Is it possible to install a host computer inside a box?

Is it possible to place all host computers into one box – one on one?



Is it possible to install all host computers into one box, but place them on shelves?

Can they work in a close space?


Is it allowed to cut the cables / wires/ cords on case if they are too much long?

How to perform synchronization between the antennas?

What is the maximum quantity of the antennas which can be installed at one site?

Is there any differences between the host computers depending on a quantity of the antennas (single gate and multiple / combination gate)?

How to perform synchronization between the host computers in case if there are more than 1 host computer in the system?

How the antennas are connected to the host computer – each antenna by its own cable or all antennas via one cable and the separate connectors to each antenna?

How many cables / wires/ cords are assigned to every antenna?

What is the diameter of the cables / wires/ cords?

Is it allowed to put all cables / wires/ cords into one strobe and forward to one direction to be connected with the host computers, which are place in one place?