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Fashion & Textile


How can DRAGON GUARD help me to stay ahead of the game?


DRAGON GUARD knows it is vital for you, the apparel retailer, to stay ahead of trends in a fast moving retail environment

Our global identification solutions are designed for ultimate flexibility and rapid adaptability, which means that you have the time to get on with the most important thing: giving your customers the products they need, when they need them.

  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD improves the branding profile of products.
  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD can help you to know when shelves are empty.
  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD can cut back theft in your shop.


How can DRAGON GUARD help my business grow?

Supply chain efficiency is the key to success in manufacturing. Knowing how much raw material you have, where your products are on the factory floor and streamlining your manufacturing processes are all vital for a smooth operation with strong growth potential.

DRAGON GUARD's solutions are designed to optimise your company's resources , control quality, track your products, identify them and even protect them at source. Solutions that give you the efficiency you need to help your business to grow .

  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD can help to find labelling solutions for the production line.
  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD tracks products from manufacture to point of sale.
  • Find out how DRAGON GUARD makes products more competitive.