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Specialists in your speciality

Every individual retailer has their own concerns, their own products and their own customers. Checkpoint is uniquely positioned to understand the specific needs of the specialised retailer , because our unparalleled range of solutions and long experience working closely with our clients gives us the insight and flexibility needed to add value to your shop or business.

The retail industry is increasingly fragmented and competitive. Specialist retailers know their market and what is important to them: customer service, low overheads and product identification solutions that cut back loss from shrinkage and greatly increase the reliability of supply chain management . Let Checkpoint visit your shop for a full and individualised breakdown of the solutions that could make a difference to you: solutions that quickly pay for themselves by protecting your store and improving your stock identification systems

The key to customer service

Common problems:

  • Constant staff turnover leads to training challenges
  • Over-staffing
  • Shrinkage from internal theft
  • Bad customer service due to inefficient product control

Your staff needs to be free to attend to customers' needs, not tied up with laborious product protection duties, stock-control and slow deactivation at point of sale. Checkpoint's advanced product identification solutions means you need fewer staff, and the staff you have will be able to dedicate more time to customers.

Our product protection solutions also help to increase confidence in your staff and make sure that they understand their role in tackling the problem of shrinkage from theft in your shop. Checkpoint's total solutions offer training for staff to make them aware of the security challenges that face retailers and the logistics of product identification. Checkpoint's advanced technologies can radically cut back your labour costs and make your store look better and run more smoothly. Put labelling on the supply-side

Common Problems:

  • Quality and speed of labelling
  • Poor pricing information on products
  • Lack of effective in-store labelling

It is difficult to overstate the importance of branding in the competitive retail environment of today. Checkpoint's branding solutions are designed to put the power of quality merchandising into the hands of retailers, whether it be through quality apparel tagging, in-store merchandising or product labelling solutions that can make a real difference to sales in your shop.

Checkpoint's labelling solutions are a global point of reference for the apparel industry and major distributors who need a quick, economical and attractive ticketing service

"Say goodbye to safety-stock"

Common problems:

  • Excessive 'safety-stock'
  • 'Stock-outs'
  • Bad shelf-management
  • Poor 'back-office' logistics
  • Inventory system can't keep up with turnover
  • Lack of information from distributors
  • Expiry problems and obsolete stock
  • Bad stock rotation

Manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need to minimise inventory and maximise product flow. Checkpoint's production line automation and warehouse management solutions are designed to speed up the manufacturing process and increase supply-chain efficiency by providing the power of product identification. Checkpoint's Stock Control solutions make sure stock responds precisely to needs in order to play an active role in the supply chain.

A busy retail operation relies on up-to-the-minute information about deliveries, stock and sales to keep turnover and replenishment in motion. These days, consumers have a lot of choice about where to buy their products and they will always choose the place that provides on-shelf availability and the newest products on the market. The two enemies of any retailer are empty shelves and overstuffed 'back rooms' and streamlining stock is only possible when you have the best product identification solutions at your fingertips. Real-time stock control and non-line of sight product ID are just two of the benefits of Checkpoint's cutting-edge technologies

The total information solution

Common problems:

  • Ordering systems that lead to mistakes along the supply chain
  • Supply chain complexity that complicates tracking
  • Compliance with traceability and labelling legislation
  • Product identification that can't keep up with the demands of the supply chain
  • Late or incorrect deliveries
  • Lack of information about what's in the warehouse
  • Difficulty of deliveries keeping up with high volume of sales
  • Bad communication between the different elements in-store supply networks

Good product identification is the key to playing an active and responsive role in the supply chain. Checkpoint are global leaders in providing solutions for manufacturers and distributors who need to keep track of products, giving their businesses speed, efficiency and the information necessary to respond to the needs of consumers.

To move goods safely and efficiently you need to know where they are at every stage of their journey, from point of origin to delivery. Checkpoint's tracking solutions have been developed to integrate technology and add value across the whole supply chain, giving you the ability to speed up deliveries, organise your transport services and gain total information about the situation of your products.

Replace guesswork with real-time information


Common Problems:

  • Anticipating future sales at the end of the supply-chain
  • Badly used production lines
  • Responding to seasonality
  • Integrating software
  • Inaccurate information from scanners

Improving logistics software and investing in effective product identification technology is a sensible step towards cutting back the operating costs that arise from over-staffing and shrinkage. Updating your product identification and data capture software will soon translate into tangible benefits for your company.

Optimise your ability to anticipate unexpected increases in demand from your distributors using new technologies that can give you vital information, right up to point of sale. Checkpoint offers software and logistical solutions that will give you the power to anticipate and respond to real sales information, making sure that 'stock-outs' are a thing of the past and your products stay out on the shop floor and in reach of customers.

Plan, control, implement

Common problems:

  • Fulfilling the different demands of various distributors
  • Shortfall of raw materials
  • Labour-intensive production lines
  • Reacting to events along the supply-chain

Checkpoint's logistical solutions add value to your business by giving you the power to plan and control the flow of goods and materials throughout the manufacturing process and into the hands of customers - cutting-back on unexpected phenomena, rationalising your labour force and making sure you can respond quickly to the demands of your distributors.

Supply chain forecasting and a real-time view of your production schedule optimises your logistics, while integrated product identification solutions can help to greatly improve efficiency at both ends of the supply-chain. Efficient logistics keep your stock in constant movement and streamlines the supply chain, maximising productivity and keeping shelves stocked.

Win the battle against shrinkage

Common problems:

  • Customers that steal
  • Employees that steal
  • Lost products along the supply-chain
  • Ordering mistakes
  • Difficulty of protecting certain products

A small minority of customers steal, but they can have a major impact on your profit margins. Not only can customer theft account for 48% of revenue loss (2003, European Theft Barometer), it also has a negative effect on your business due to 'defensive' merchandising and obtrusive 'hard tags' that can detract from the look of your products. Checkpoint's advanced security solutions are proven to cut down on customer theft by up to 60%.

Protecting large retail outlets that stock a wide-range of products provides a special challenge when fighting retail shrinkage, especially when this kind of retail environment is often the most tempting target for shoplifters. Checkpoint has been applying the latest Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to shrinkage solutions since its foundation in 1968, providing breakthroughs like the first integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags, 3rd Generation EAS and the development of Rfid technology.

Ordering mistakes can account for up to 18% of loss from shrinkage. A modern business needs an efficient ordering system that anticipates stock fluctuations, makes sure your customers find what they want and come back again when they are looking for something else.

Point your customers in the right direction


Common Problems:

  • Frequent promotions and special offers lead to constant changes in product information
  • Poor in-store merchandising and product display detracts from products and confuses customers
  • Products arrive without adequate information labelling.

Good retail is about providing the opportunities that stimulate your customers to make the right choices. Effective in-store merchandising is an essential step towards increasing the appeal of products and pointing your customers in the right direction.

Checkpoint has a wide variety of labelling solutions tailored to your specific needs, which means that you can shift labelling to the supply side to gain significant cost and time benefits.

Perfume and Cosmetics
Design and protection in a single solution. Expensive perfumes are a tempting target for shoplifters but the last thing you need are bulky antennas blocking up the entrance to your store. The solution? Checkpoint's smart and effective design and security solutions.

Toy Shop
A variety of solutions for a variety of products. Toys come in all shapes and sizes and you need them out on display, in reach of your customers .

Access and security , the keys to success. Checkpoint has been an innovator in the protection of bookshops and the improvement of customer service. Discover the latest breakthroughs in secure self-service for customers, ticketing, Rfid and ID scanners.

Sports shop
Product diversity provides a special challenge for retailers. A wide range of products can lead to a wide range of headaches. Not for Checkpoint: take a look at the extensive and flexible security solutions available to protect your shop.

Chemist/Drug store
Eye-catching in-store merchandising. Checkpoint is a market leader at providing in-store marketing and point of sale solutions , from hand-labelling systems to promotional material. Find out about at our attractive merchandising solutions.

Security solutions that adapt to your needs. Checkpoint has been working closely with major DIY retailers to find security solutions that tackle their specific problems . From metal products to small items, discover how EAS technology can tackle shrinkage across the board.

Electronic goods
Good tagging can free up your store for business. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference an effective security solution can make to your business. Whether it be hard tags or sophisticated third generation EAS, every problem has its own solution .

Music, Film and Video (CDs, DVDs, Games)
Save space, gain security. Checkpoint's innovative security solutions can give you up to 30% more space for your products. Find out how to free up retail space , stimulate impulse buying and protect your products against theft.