Video Display AM 58KHz factory price high sensitive stable EAS Antenna

EAS is a kind of electronic anti shoplifting
system that can decrease shoplifting when retailing enterprise implement
open-shelf sale, so increase sales and profit. EAS system consists of electronic
sensors, deactivator system and label or tag. Electronic sensor that are located
at store exits, a transmitter sends a unique signal at certain frequencies to a
receiver, when a product with an active label or hard tag is moved past a sensor,
the sensor sets off an alarm.


1. Support USB playback, support hot plug, content updates convenient and quick
2. Support video file formats: MPG, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4,. AVI,
3. The photo slideshow play, play background music
4. The OSD language: support Chinese, Englishand so on many languages
5. Boot automatically play, software upgrades, functions


Video Display AM 58KHz EAS System
1.Video Display
2.The inch of LCD screen is 18.4
3.It can play any formats of video

The advertising video playback products information, improving its brand image,
to enhance the consumer the attraction.

Through broadcast repeatedly made a deep impression of consumer goods, efficient
remind customers to purchase goods or services.

Can bring value-added services for businesses, for the supplier to provide video
advertising business, for advertising .