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Dedicate in EAS Rfid. manufacture of electronic article surveillance

 we also develop our own RF system AM system and EM system recently,and the domestic leader in the design retail security burglarproof and safety product

Team Building in Autumn 2021

In November 2021, the co-workers of Dragon Guard had a team building in a cultural village where team members drove the beach buggy, rode horse and played archery. It was a happy experience that everyone enjoyed the activities and cooked delicious food together. After lunch, we played real men Counter Strike game which increased team’s cohesion.

Dragon Girls' Day

A tea art teacher is specially invited to talk about the history of tea culture, on the spot dragon girls dressed in cheongsam and learned classical tea art to understand the life of Zen, showing the implicit beauty of Chinese culture. Let us enjoy work and life together! 

DG’s 3rd Annual celebration-Be one

The Annual Celebration is one of the BIGGEST events of the year, where members come together to celebrate the year that was, look ahead to the year to come, recognize award winners and it’s a wonderful opportunity to simply enjoy the company of those with whom we work, everybody had a nice day!

The first outdoor collective activity in 2020

On a sunny spring day,we had a wonderful and fulfilling weekend,we enjoyed the breath of nature on a beach without crowd!        Barbecue,Play games,Take pictures.

DG's 2nd "Superman Cup" Sport Meet

Every employee of Dragon Guard did his best at the sports meeting, the team games not only enhanced their physical fitness, but also increased mutual understanding. Dragon Guard is not only a company, but also a family!

Dragon Guard wifi antenna

Dragon Guard wifi antenna has updated to 5th generation! With the newest wifi cloud & mobile APP debugging technology, AS1002 has successfully come into Europe market, South America market and Africa market.

Through exhibitions

Dragon Guard meets customers face to face so that customers know Dragon Guard better. Meanwhile, by listening to customers, Dragon Guard knows better about the market status and know the needs of customers more precisely, which helps a lot for Dragon Guard to improve their competitiveness and give more support to their customers.

Dragon Girls Day

on August 8th, 2019,1st “Dragon Girls’ Day”,a festival that only belongs to Dragon Guard   Every August 8th is defined as“Dragon Girls Day”. This is the festival only belongs to Dragon Guard. At this special day, everyone dresses up for the big party, which is in line with the company’s slogan: enjoy work, enjoy life!

DRAGON GUARD was establised in Shanghai 2006

The factory moved from Shanghai to Xuzhou 2011
Expand the plant and increase equipment was
successfully completed 2016