The concealed hidden antenna size
Shopping mall store anti theft eas 58khz am floor antenna


The concealed antenna is the best detecting height am hidden system,
widely use for famaous brand shop.

1.Advanced DSP+FPGA technology,auto-adjust circuitdesign;

2.Unique label identification program;

3.Support remote control with multi-functional tuning interfacesoftware;

4. Need to work with am controller;

5. False alarm near to zero, strong anti-interference ability, ,perfect
performance on site.

This products are widely used in Retailed chain,Supermarket,Clothing store,Upper
end boutique,Drug storeand Library.


Acoustic Magnetic System  6001B Contact system
The equipment consists of:
Acoustic magnetic ground control unit,
Acoustic magnetic ground detection coil
Frequency: 58khz
Height: 186cm
Width: 60.5cm
Thickness: 1.5cm
Weight: 21 1kg (W / cable)
10.4kg (W / cable)
A single transmitter and the receiver
can protect 1.8 meters wide
Export, protect the height of 0.9-1.2
meters (according to the standard Sign
type set).
Mainly applies to: Clothing store,
luggage store, treasure shop, store,shop,
luxury shops,sporting goods stores, baby
products stores and other retail shops.
1.Completely hidden guarantee store
beautiful appearance, while improving
the space utilization rate.
2.Buried antenna provides wide prote-
ction of export will not affect passenger
3.Can not damage the floor conditions
in a variety of ways of installation, suit-
able for all kinds of flooring materials
and various installation methods.
4.When the traditional magnetic system
cannot be installed, this system provides
a flexible and convenient installation.
5.Remote alarm can remind the clerk.
The control panel is installed on the
system near the LED lights, customers
to keep abreast of the running condition
of the system.

Input Voltage
220V AC +/- 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Working Frequency
Outline Dimension
186*60.5*1.5 cm
Net Weight
Detection Range
DR label: 1.0m

pencil tag: 1.5m
Alarm Way
Acousto-optic alarm
-15 – 60 Celsius degree
>=95% RH
Packing Detail
1pc/ctn, 192*65*8cm, 24kg