Acoustic Magnetic System  8001 Contact system

Olor: Grey white
Dimension: 1435*38*15cm
Working voltage: 110~230V 50
Weight of the master: 13.5KG/set
Package: 150*45*19CM
Weight of the slaver: 15KG

1.The max detection range for a set antenna(the detection range is effect by the electromagnetic environment aground the antennas and the size of the tags)
DR Soft label: 1.3M Hard tags:2M

2.Working Model:convert between TX&RX system and MONO system.

3.Installation Mathod:motherboard inlay,easy to install.

4.Specification:new appear design,strong,HIPS material,stable detection for soft label,

can anti-Aluminum Foil shield.suitable to use in supermarkets,drugstore,cosmetics.

1. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology with high sensitivity.
2. Auto noise filtering to counter interference and minimize false alarm.
3. High pick rate with ability to distinguish moving and static tags & labels.
4. Easy installation with auto synchronization (wireless connection).
5. Audible and visual alarm indication with adjustable speaker.

Main advantages
1. Automatic increase sensitivity
2. Self-adapting multichannel Frequency Hopping, 98% detection rates
3. Strong anti-jamming capability
4. .Multiple anti-interference technologies
5. It is very professional and popular in Use in Fashionable Super store and Supermarket