Acoustic Magnetic System  9006 Contact system

Ultra•Exit 2M uStand F8
The Sensormatic Ultra•Exit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance Ultra•Max EAS protection over wide exits.

Available in three design options including rugged ABS, composite clear panel and high quality acrylic.

High quality construction and straight edge form ensures the antenna blends into store openings while still providing a visual deterrent.

Smart EAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.

Features and Benefits
Aesthetic, modern design matches the highest store aesthetic requirements with acrylic and non acrylic options.
Up to 8 meter coverage from one controller with 2 meter coverage between pedestals.

Audible and visual alarms provide notification of identified events.
SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.


Antitheft equipment Sensormatic UltraExit is one of the best in its class – from 2009 it has extra feature – metal detector

for detecting the”foiled” bags used by shoplifters.

high degree of detection
protection of the widest passages
built-in alarm and optional people counter
attractive design
quick change of advertising banners
different decorative solutions for base covers – stainless steel, silver coated plastic, dark gray plastic
extra feature of the metal detecting
after installation of 2 racks the system can be completed with AMC-7000 unit, which distinguishes metal foil from metal household

items (cell phones or packed metal objects), which prevents theft with foiled bags and reduces the risk of false alarms.

Operating frequency58 kHz
Signal analysisAcoustomagnetic
Power consumption / electronics150W
Dimensions1550 x 509 x 125 mm
Weight12.6 kg
Type of electronicsremote / integrated
Passage width200 cm