Acoustic Magnetic System 4006

  1. Frequency:58KHZ
  2. Working voltage: 220V AC(50Hz)
  3. Working environment: -20℃-45℃
  4. Dimension:163X45X17cm
  5. Material: acrylic (thickness 2.5cm)
  6. Weight:16Kg/pc
  7. Color: Ivory
  8. Detection Distance: –80*2-105cm*2 for DR label –120*2-180cm*2 for Hard tag


  1. Ultra Wide Detection Distance
  2. Simple Remote Control ,Lower Alarming False Rate-
  3. Strong anti-interference ability
  4. Automatic adjustment performance
  5. Publicize your unique brand 。Your company LOGO and product promotions can be printed on the panels.


  1. Independent Power Supply should be used for these products. Noted with your electrical source at first, please.