The bookstores anti-thief system project

Requirement analysis

Because the scientific technology has been developed continually, the open-shelf selling way in bookstores shows the tremendous progress in adapting the age development. It can offer readers free selection and can increase sales rate and working efficiency. But at the same time open-shelf selling still has its own defects – books lost, pages ripped that become the outstanding problems in the work. It will be a worth discussing question for every book manager to consider the characteristics of open-shelf selling and make full use of its advantages and at the same time reduce its inconveniences by some supplementary measures. As a direct and effective anti-thief measure the bookstores EM alarm system has obtained the unanimous approval around most of book-markets and small & medium-sized bookstores in practice.


Working steps of the bookstores EM alarm system:

1. Put the special anti-thief material – EM strips inside the books;

2. Set the detecting antennae at the passageways;

3. The books with normal checking out will be degaussed by special equipments or will be delivered beside the detecting antennae to finish the selling.

4. When the books without normal checking out (those have strips inside) are passing the exits then detecting antennae will find them and alarm with sound and light to inform the customers to check again.


The technical principles of the EM alarm system

The basic principle is to detect if the objects have the EM strips by the transformations of the alternating magnetic field to prevent thefts. The electromagnetic identify technology is chief technology.

The electromagnetic technique detects by the alternating magnetic field produced by the low frequency from 10Hz to the 20 KHz of the detecting antennae (transmitting antenna & receiving antenna). It detects the EM strips of the objects. The strips are PoMo alloy soft strips with cragged hysteresis loop . The polarities of the strips will be magnetized periodically over and over again when they were inside the alternating magnetic field of the transmitting antenna. The magnetic flux density B of the strips changes jumpily near the place where the external magnetic intensity H spans 0 (non-linear characteristic), then the harmonic wave would be produced whose frequency is the baseband of the transmitting antenna, and the receiving antenna will receive and process the wave and produce the alarm signal.


The working flow of the bookstore EM alarm system

1. Set the EM strips inside the books.

2. Set the detectors at the exit channels.

3. Degauss the books by the special deactivator after the normal checking.

4. The books without normal checking (that have the strips inside) will make the door detectors alarm and stop the customers.


The function of the EM alarm system

1. Preventing thefts. The system changed the old ways that the workers have to gaze at the customers or the workers have to take good care of the books in case that someone would steal them. The system makes each of the books protects themselves and solves the stealing problem totally. That would reduce the loss of bookstores.

2. Simplify management. The system could effectively prevent inner thieves, ease contradictions between managers and staff, exclude the staff’s psychological barriers and let them work absorbedly and increase working efficiency. Also the system could reduce employees and optimize employees at the original basics to save operating costs and improve service level.

3. Alarm. The system could stop the customers stealing with a tough and polite way. It could avoid the disputes between persons and it could protect the profit of the bookstores, meanwhile respecting the human rights. The system could warn and stop the thieves psychologically.

4. Improve the borrowing atmosphere. Many people hate the old gazing way. The system could create a better atmosphere that customers could select books freely, and it could improve the relationship between the merchants and the customers which makes the circumstance more comfortable and help the merchants to attract more customers.

5. Beautify the circumstance. The system is a high-tech and pretty product, it could beautify the circumstance when protecting the books. The system is a new trend for the bookstores.


The bookstore anti-thief system project:

A. Separate the persons and goods:


I. Set the detectors at the cashiers;

I I. Set the EM strips on the commodities that need protecting;

I I I. This way let persons and commodities pass by different channels. Customers pass by the detecting channel and commodities pass by cashiers and they won’t pass the detecting host directly and will be passed to the customers by the cashiers. In this way you needn’t to buy deactivator. The strips will be degaussed forever and it will reduce your costs with the same anti-thief function. ( Defects: the cost of the whole equipments will be a little high relatively and the cashier location may limits the setting. Strongpoints: avoid the contradictions between merchants and customers caused by the system alarm because the books are not degaussed enough, create a more comfortable shopping atmosphere.) It will be necessary for lending bookstores to set an EM strip check equipment.


B. Protecting modes in exits:



? . Set detectors at the main exits;

? . Set deactivator on the cashier tables;

? . Set the EM strips on the commodities that need protecting;

? . If the bookstore separates the entrances and exits then they just need to set detectors at the exits. It could reduce the number of the equipments and save investing costs. (Defects: higher requirement on cashiers, if books aren’t degaussed enough that may cause contradiction between workers and customers, the necessary strips are composite strips that can be magnetized or degaussed and they are more expensive than permanent strips. Strongpoints: the total costs for equipments are lower and the location will not impact the setting generally.) It will be necessary for lending bookstores to set EM deactivator/reactivator and EM strip check equipment at the return place.


Introduction of the chief anti-theft products

The anti-thief system with electromagnetic principle (recommended)

Detecting antenna : ES008 alarm system is a domestic high-grade anti-theft system at present.


Wireless Deactivator :

It is made from special materials. It doesn’t need electric power. It can be used in any circumstances and it has a long life. It has a high degaussing intensity and could degauss many books at the same time.

EM strips:


According to the sort we have cobalt strips and iron strips.

According to the function we have permanent strips and composite strips.

1. Permanent strips that couldn’t be magnetized or degaussed:

The magnetism of the strips exists forever and they couldn’t be decoded. They are cheaper. They have high alarm efficiency and they could be hided easily. And we also have the double-sided adhesive strips that make the operation easier.

2. Composite strips that could be magnetized or degaussed.

They could be decoded but have a little higher price than permanent ones. And we also have the double adhesive strips that make the operation easier. Length: 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 (mm).

According to the appearance we have permanent naked strips, adhesive strips and barcode adhesive strips.


Engineering setting rules:


Spot rules:

1. The special power outlets are set at the cashier and there are earth wires.

2. There mustn’t are large metals such as hobs or iron tables around the detecting doors about 1m to 1.5m. If the gates are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy then the system should be set 50cm away from them and that depends on the situations.

3. The distance between detecting doors and host should be at least 1 meter.


Setting form rules:

1. Pre-embedded pipelines: pre-embed 25PVC pipes. Detecting doors and host use dual-core shielded wires.

2. Cut ground: the cutting is behind the shielded wires. Make sure the ground surface and the metal u-shaped groove are in the same level and guarantee the leakage lines and collapsing holes won’t appear.

3. Arc metal groove: insure it’s clean before sticking on the ground and then fix it and put the groove and the two detecting antennae as the ” ? ” shape.

4. Pedestal style: connect shielded wires to the pedestal grooves orderly and stick with adhesive tape to insure the slide won’t break the connecting wires.

Remark: insure the grooves are straight as a beeline and relatively connect the step lines according to 45 degree at the corners.


Training after the setting:

Training aimed at staff:

1. Correct sticking way and attention note about the system.

2. Normal operations of the additional equipments: such as the normal use of the EM deactivator/reactivator or common queations.

3. Normal operations and attention notes of equipments.

4. Troubleshooting of common faults and simple faults.

5. Correct operation after alarm.