B011 Bottle Top Tag

Frequency: 58 KHz/ 8.2 MHz

Dimension : Inner size 3.5cm .Uter size 5cm . High 4.5cm

Material: ABS / PC

Detection range: 1.20 m- 2.00m

Color: Grey/ Black/ Customized

Lock: Super / Standard.

Packing Details:300pcs/ctn;13kg/ctn;42*32*32cm

The Bottle Top TagTM is a member of the bottle tag family and is a new concept for protecting bottled alcoholic products in store.
The main advantage is that it prevents the thief from cutting off the tag in store as the locking mechanism is inside the tag, in addition it prevents opening of the product in store.
Two sizes are available Small for wines & spirits and the large for Champagne.