RS6008 Crystal clothing burglary-resisting system
Crystal clothing burglary-resisting products use the no power LC resonance reflection principle, the main board uses the digital circuit, has advantages of luxurious outward appearance, high sensitivity, high check width, low mis-report rate, reliable burglary-resisting function, is the best choice for the domestic various markets, the clothing store, the supermarket and so on .
With the sole TRIMMER-ADI technology; High sensitivity and checking rate;Multiple antijamming technology, double insurance; Three-dimensional checking; stop from static electricity; The acousto-optics warning; can be used in pairs, and can be also connected among many ones, is very flexible
The technical parameter Checking scope
Check 8.2MHz hard label and soft label
Power source:220VAC/400mA ± 10% normal checking distance
Power consumption:12W Standard big hard tag standard distance 1.6m, ,maximum range 2.2m
center frequencies:8.2MHz Standard small hard label:standard distance 1.4m, Maximum range: 2m
Frequency discrepancy:±600KHz

packing : 2pcs/ctn, 0.13CBM/ctn ,23KG/ctn