Operating Frequency

8.2 Mhz

Operating Distance (cm)

120 (with 4 x 4 Label)

160 (with Hard Tag)

Operating Temperature

0 to 45″

Dimension (mm)

Height : 1670

Width : 320 (339mm at base)

Depth : 28 (60mm at cover)


22 kg


Stainless Steel

Power supply: External AC/AC adapter, 110V/230V; 24VDC, with integrated EMC filter,packing : 2pcs/ctn 0.08CBM/ctn 14.5KG/ctn


Name:Digital testing antenna (luxury fashion model) Colour: Aluminum alloy wiredrawing
Frequency: 8.2MHZ
High: 160cm
Testing scope :  100-160cm
Width : 25cm
Weight: 15kg
wisdom engine procedures listed
automatically school location
Real-time monitoring
Police export four selected alternative forms of frequency hopping
After testing self-diagnosis MCU
double screening +AGC stronger adaptability
high Daoci filter, and resisting interference electric field
The latest digital technology, on-site programming environment
The luxury aircraft aluminum, AL2O3 anode oxidation processes wiredrawing

packing : 2pcs/ctn 0.1CBM/ctn 15.5KG/ctn