APX Non-Deactivatable Sheet Label -NDL
The APX Non-Deactivatable Label delivers the stability and resistance to deactivation similar to a Sensormatic hard tag.

Non-deactivatable format designed to protect safers and other asset protection solutions
Utilises the proven AM technology to provide the highest detection performance available
Works well on liquids, foils and in metal shopping carts
Packing Details:4000pcs/ctn,3.5kgs/ctn, 42.5*29*22cm

APX Microwavable Roll Label – Red
This label offers the highest level of anti-shoplifting protection in the smallest possible footprint.

Configured for hand application to external product packaging
Designed for food products that will be microwaved
Utilises proven AM technology and manufacturing process to provide reliable detection performance
No detection interference caused by meat or fish products
Packing Details:5000pcs/ctn,3.0kgs/ctn, 42.5*29*22cm