Our Label Rolls provides adequate detection and very
high deactivation performance.

Low-price AM labels are available in a wide range of standard and custom styles and are available in sheets and rolls to accommodate retailers with source-tagging and other in-store product protection requirements. VAR (Value Added Reseller) solutions offer the perfect complement for a variety of retail applications from food to specialty designer tags for soft goods protection




1. Specifications
Frequency: 58KHz
2. Dimensions:
Length: 45mm+/- 0.2mm
Width: 10.8mm+/- 0.2mm
Label thickness (excluding liner): Maximum 1.8mm
Label thickness (including liner): Maximum 1.9mm
3. Material of Construstion
plastic housing
amorphous alloy ribbon
Release liner
4. Packing details:
1000PCS/Roll,20rolls/carton or customized 
inner diameter: 84mm
lining material: 4mm cardboard


magnetic acoustic
resonator(s) : Proprietary resonant magnetic material.
Amorphous alloy based on iron, and containing nickel,
boron and molybdenum.
Laminate : Low Density Polyethylene / Polyester /
Polyethylene 0.12mm (0.0047″)
Bias : Proprietary semi-hard magnetic material
containing iron, and carbon.
Laminate : Low Density Polyethylene/Polyester
0.08mm (0.003″)
Adhesive : Double-coated rubber-based adhesive
Minimum peel strength of 60 oz./in.
release liner : Double-sided, silicon-coated Kraft liner
0.12mm (0.005) thick

Environmental Constraints
Shelf Life Two year from date of manufacture
when Labels are stored between
15-32 (60°F -90°F) and 30-80%
Temperature Maximum storage temperature not
to exceed 50 (120°F) for 96
hours at 80% RH.
humidity Unaffected by 80% humidity at 50
(120°F), up to 96 hours
Pressure. Maximum at room temperature=445N
(100lbs) when evenly distributed over
the Surface of the label.
External Magnetic Field Not to exceed 5Gauss
at label.

Usage Instructions
Place in least conspicuous location.
Do not cover warnings, expiration dates or important
consumer information.
Label placement should be in accordance with
Source Tagging Guidelines.
It is recommended that the surface to which the
label is
applied be clear and free of all dirt, grease, oil, etc.
Ambient magnetic field of labeled product greater
than 100mG may result in reduced label performance.
Label not to exceed temporary magnetic field
exposure greater than 6 Gauss.
Individual analysis recommend for placement on
metal products


Operating Distance (cm) : mono 90-120 one side (sensormatic am system)