Anti-thief project of pharmacies

A. Requirements analysis

Many pharmacies begin to use open-shelf management to the pharmaceutics at present, because they are our life necessities to safeguard our health and the market competition are becoming more and more intense and the pharmaceutics are becoming more and more civilian. The open-shelf management has an absolute advantage in clients’ free choosing, selling rate increasing and competitive strength increasing etc, but at the same time it still has a serious problem for management that the pharmaceutics themselves are small and are easy to be hided by thieves. How to use open-shelf layout to exert its advantages and meanwhile use some assistant ways to reduce the inconveniences ? It is a worth discussing question for every pharmacy manager.

The pharmacies EM alarm system is very popular with many pharmacies managers as a direct and valid anti-thief way in practice.


B. Working steps of the pharmacies EM alarm system

1. Stick the special anti-thief material-EM strips on the pharmaceutical packaging or on the pharmaceutics or put them inside.

2. Set the detecting antennae at the passageways of the pharmacies.

3. Degauss the pharmaceutics by the special deactivator after the normal checking.

4. The pharmaceutics without normal checking (that have strips inside) will make the door detectors alarm and stop the customers who need rechecking.


C. Working pattern and equipment selection of the pharmacies EM alarm system

1. Segregate the persons and the goods:

After selecting the pharmaceutics the customers go to the cashiers and check out. After checking out the workers give the goods to the customers from the flank side of the system. The pharmaceutics don’t pass the system. The customers will pass the system directly after the payment and take the pharmaceutics away from the flank side of the antennae.

Working features:

(1) The worktable is very close to the alarm system or directly abut against the alarm system, the worktable is at the door.

(2) The materials are cheap and need not degaussing.

Equipment selection: single (double) anti-thief antennae + permanent EM strips (you’d better use 8 cm iron permanent strips or 6 cm cobalt permanent strips).

Remark: if the pharmacy is not very big and you hope the materials to be lower you could use the 8 cm iron strips. They could be set into the pharmaceutical packaging and the cost of one iron strip is less than 0.01 yuan.

2. Degaussing carrying way (total passageway):

When the customers are paying for the pharmaceutics the workers degauss the pharmaceutics by degaussing equipments. The customers pass the system with the degaussing goods. If they have some goods without normal checking the system will alarm.

Working features:

(1) Worktable is very far away from the total passageway;

(2) Corresponding strips that could be magnetized or degaussed and degaussing equipments are necessary;

Equipment selection: single(double) antennae + EM deactivator/reactivator (you’d better use the top grade ones that could degauss in 10 cm) + EM strips that could be magnetized or degaussed (you’d better use 6 cm cobalt strips with or without barcode or use 8 cm iron strips).


D. components and characteristics of Dragon Guard pharmacies EM alarm system

1. Components explanation

The system is composed by alarm host, detecting antennae (detecting doors) and EM strips. The assistant equipments are EM deactivator/reactivator, deactivator, EM strip check equipment and so on.

Detecting antennae (detecting doors): a transmiting antenna and a receiving antenna would compose the single channel; a transmiting antenna and two receiving antennae would compose the double channels (the transmitting one is between the two receiving ones).

Alarm equipment (alarm host): it is connected with the detecting doors by special leads.

EM strips: there are permanent strips and strips that could be magnetized or degaussed according to their using purpose. There are iron strips and cobalt strips according to their materials. You could select them by your purpose. The system will alarm when the EM strips pass the detecting doors.

EM strip check equipment: it is used to check if there is strip inside the good or check if the strips has enough alarm sensitivity.

Deactivator: it is used to degauss the strips inside the goods.

2. Characteristics of the Dragon Guard EM alarm system:

(1) We are the first professional equipment manufacturer to achieve 120 cm setting width of single channel of EM alarm system in China.

(2) We are the first professional equipment manufacturer who use DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in China .

(3) We are the first professional equipment manufacturer who use phase-locked tricyclic synchronous recursive filtering technology in RF system in China.

(4) We are the first and the only professional equipment manufacturer in our industry at present who largely export EM systems and RF systems to European Union, America, Russia and Mongolia at the same time.


Our system has stable performance, high alarm rate and top-grade designing. It is the first EM alarm system which has 120 cm setting width in single channel in China. They are sold largely to European Union, America, Russia and Mongolia and so on. The system suit for bookstores, labriaries, audio-radio shops, pharmacies and makeup shops and so on.


? Largest channel width: single channel 120 cm.

? High sensitivity: the shortest strip width it could detect is 3 cm. The system could detect all kinds of EM strips currently available in the market with high validity.

? Better stability: it can perfectly insure the system stability and reliability with the most advanced DSP technology.

? No misreporting: its advanced self-test capability could make it identify and filtrate outside interference source availably to achieve the ideal high alarm rate and no misreporting effect which the expert clients are requiring.

? Strong anti-metal capability: our own intelligent digital microcomputer processing technology and phase-locked tricyclic synchronous recursive filtering technology unprecedented increased the system anti-metal capability and made it could be regulate freely.

? Better technology pertinence: our company has the best technology pertinence products designed to offer the best valid anti-thief service for large and medium-sized b ookstores, labriaries, audio-radio shops, pharmacies and makeup shops and so on according to their setting requirements.

? Avant-garde appearance design with perfect details: our alarm system have two main appearance styles – scientific & technical style and elegant style. The scientific & technical products have simple appearance and smooth lines. They are designed with pure gray, white and black that could perfectly reflect the characteristics of new technology age and they are popular with the clients who pursued the high science and technology. The other style products have elegant appearance and exquisite lines. The main parts are designed with the pure wood color from shallow to deep which perfectly matched the fine steel, crystal, plastic and other materials. They are popular with the clients who pursued the elegant and mellow cultural atmosphere.

? Mature and stable online technology: you could achieve the multi-channels online use with only one host easily. It could increase your manage efficiency and reduce your cost.

? The most popular additional function – count the number of customers. The system can produce the intraday and past statistics, analysis, report forms about the number of customers by connecting with the computer. It could increase your managing efficiency.

? Our system met the environmental protection standards: its power is less than 5W and it has longer life and lower power consumption without radiation to people.

? High performance price ratio: we own the international level technique capital and we are the first company who offer the ultra-low price for setting and agency. We can help you obtain the maximum efficiency with the minimum cost and we could offer you the highest performance price ratio project.


E. Our service commitments

Pre-sale commitments:

1. We guarantee that we offer you the absolutely true product capability and parameters.

2. We guarantee that we offer you the best front-end products in our industry.

3. We guarantee the good quality to the related products we offered and we promise them won’t harm your bodies.


F. The role of the pharmacies EM alarm system

(1) Prevent stealing.

The system changed the old ways that the workers have to gaze at the customers or the workers have to take good care of the goods in case that someone would steal them. The system made each of the goods protecting themselves and solved the stealing problem totally by a high scientific and technical way. The stealing rate is 60%~70% lower than before.

(2) Simplify management.

The system can validly simplify the workers’ task and increase the working efficiency.

(3) Improving the shopping atmosphere.

Many customers hate the old gazing way which let them feel uncomfortable. The system could create a better shopping atmosphere that customers could select the pharmaceutics freely, and it could improve the relationship between the workers and the customers.

(4) Alarm.

The system could stop the stealing with a tough and polite way. It could avoid the disputes between persons and it could protect the profit of the pharmacies, meanwhile respecting the human rights. The system could warn and stop the thieves psychologically.

(5) Beautify the circumstance.

The system is a high-tech product with beautiful appearance and excellent manufacture. It could beautify the circumstance when protecting the goods. The system is a new and necessary trend for the modern pharmacies.


G. Engineering setting rules

Spot rules:

1. The special power outlets are set at the cashier and there are earth wires.

2. There mustn’t are large metals such as hobs or iron tables around the detecting doors about 1m to 1.5m. If the gates are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy then the system should be set 50cm away from them and that depends on the situations.

3. The distance between detecting doors and host should be at least 1 meter.

Setting form rules:

1. Pre-embedded pipelines: pre-embed 25PVC pipes. Detecting doors and host use dual-core shielded wires.

2. Cut ground: the cutting is behind the shielded wires. Make sure the ground surface and the metal u-shaped groove are in the same level and guarantee the leakage lines and collapsing holes won’t appear.

3. Arc metal groove: insure it’s clean before sticking on the ground and then fix it and put the groove and the two detecting antennae as the ” ? ” shape.

4. Pedestal style: connect shielded wires to the pedestal grooves orderly and stick with adhesive tape to insure the slide won’t break the connecting wires.

Remark: insure the grooves are straight as a beeline and relatively connect the step lines according to 45 degree at the corners.

Training after the setting:

Training aimed at staff:

1. Correct sticking way and attention note about the system.

2. Normal operations of the additional equipments: such as the normal use of the EM deactivator/reactivator or common queations.

3. Normal operations and attention notes of equipments.

4. Troubleshooting of common faults and simple faults.

5. Correct operation after alarm.