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Leading Manufacturer of Advanced Turnstile Security Gates

DRAGON GUARD is a preferred security turnstile manufacturer and supplier of security turnstiles, security turnstile doors, and turnstile gate products with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Many government facilities, amusement parks, corporations, school and university campuses, industrial manufacturing and warehousing, construction sites, stadiums, airports and transit systems and more have trusted Hayward to meet their pedestrian access control in office lobbies and high-security turnstile needs. We provided one-on-one consultation for our customers to make sure the security turnstile products they choose to meet their security needs at factory direct prices.

20 Years of Industry Experience

Specialized in ODM/OEM Services

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Flexible solutions for any scenario

Dragon Guard provides a variety of products that offer flexible combinations of multiple authentication methods for your speed gates and turnstiles. When combined with built-in access control systems, this smart speed gates & turnstile access control system allow users to enjoy a one-stop entrance solution.

DRAGON GUARD turnstiles and speed gates provide secure and efficient access control solutions across various scenarios, including corporate offices, schools, hospitals, transportation hubs, and entertainment venues. With seamless integration and advanced technologies, they ensure efficient entry management and enhance overall safety in diverse environments.

For detailed inquiries and tailored security solutions, please contact us.

The FAQs About Speed Gates & Turnstiles

our factory is located in Xuzhou City of Jiangsu province, China.

Please feel free to contact our sales team for any samples you are interested.

Quality is Dragon Guard’s first demand.Our factory has gained ISO9001 quality certification and producs have CE certificates;

We have our after-sale service team, will give you response at first time when you need.

It deponds on exact product you need, you can consult our sale team for the models you need. It is negotiable.

It deponds on the quantity and models you need, usually we can deliver within 3-5 working days.

Security turnstiles incorporate a device that is fixed to the ground and attached rotating arms that act as a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized people from entering a space. The arms in a turnstile entry system can rotate or remain fixed, depending on the type of turnstile barrier gate.

When an authorized user or paying customer presents a valid credential or ticket to a turnstile gate with card reader system, the arms of the pedestrian turnstile will rotate to allow one person through the barrier. After entry, the turnstile gate will lock until the next authorized person presents credentials. 

In some environments where there are large numbers of visitors but no credentials or tickets are required, the arms of the access turnstile rotate and lock in the same way, but only allow one person at a time to enter. This helps to reduce the risk of overcrowding and ensures safe access via the installed turnstile barrier gate for all visitors. 

Turnstile gate arms can be designed to rotate in one direction or in both directions to control both entry and exit. Some controlled access turnstiles, such as a speed gate turnstile or a glass swing turnstile, can feature doors rather than arms, but the basis of operation is the same: only one person at a time with credentials or tickets will be granted access. 

Single security turnstiles can be deployed to control access to a space or may be installed in multiple lanes to make access convenient for large crowds and minimize delays. Multiple lanes are generally used in busy venues, such as train stations or sports stadiums. 

Venues attracting large crowds may also use portable turnstile gates to control access in areas where different events are hosted, such as a stadium set up for a basketball game on one day and for a concert on a different day. Depending on the event, different access points that are not protected by the venue’s security might need to be secured with portable waist-high turnstiles. A large area that hosts a festival or trade show will also benefit from using portable turnstiles, as the spaces cannot accommodate permanent forms of security turnstiles.

Turnstile entry systems are controlled electronically. When sensors or readers recognize valid credentials, the electronic turnstile locking mechanism is released to allow access. Security turnstile manufacturers such as full-height turnstile manufacturers also produce models that allow teams to operate turnstile gates manually for establishments that require a more hands-on approach to security or depend on a stricter verification process for entry.

Access turnstiles are an important component of building security and visitor management. Turnstile security gates make it possible to control access within specific locations of a building that are not covered by other forms of security, as well as prevent theft and intrusion. Office turnstiles can be installed to control access for: 

  • Lobbies and reception areas
  • Elevators at the lobby level
  • Amenities such as on-site gyms or cafeterias
  • Event spaces or large conference rooms
  • Supermarket&Hypermarket shop store

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